Top 10 Most Beautiful Dog Breeds

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It is a pretty, moderately sized dog that looks like a miniature foxhound. It is one of the most popular breed in U.S. Beagles have broader head and short square muzzle. This breed stands at a height between 14-16 inches and weighs up to 11 kg. Their eyes are large and ears are has long low-set ears. They comes in varieties of colors including tri-color, white, red and lemon. But the tri-color, brown shading on black and white parts being most common.

Beagle is an extremely social and intelligent dog. They make strong bond with family members. It is also a great kid-friendly breed. They are very gentle and watchful, love to involve in the games with children.

This active breed also loves to explore the outdoors. With proper guidance they could get along well with other dogs. But owners must keep away the small pets from beagle because this breed is very good at hunting.

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