The Top 10 Adventure Dogs

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5. Brittany

Originally from France and one of the smallest of the all-purpose hunting dogs, Brittanys work on land or in water. They’re cute and always happy.

Weight: 30-40 lbs

Best Qualities: Sweet, playful, and extremely devoted, they do well with kids and strangers, which makes Brittanys great dogs for most sports and hobbies, on- or off-leash. They are small relative to most hunting dogs, so you don’t need an SUV or station wagon to own one.

Drawbacks: Chill is not a state of mind the Brittany often achieves. This is a high-energy dog, which can sometimes translate to separation anxiety and hyperactivity. Good training can fix both in most cases. Like most bird dogs, they’re also big chewers. Hide your shoes.

What to Do With Them: Hunting, of course, but Brittanys are joyful, athletic dogs that love to run and play — and be with their owners — so whatever you’re into, your Brittany will be into it, too.

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