The Top 10 Adventure Dogs

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2. Siberian Husky

The husky is an ancient breed relative to most of the purebreds on this list. It emerged centuries ago in the Russian Far East and was bred to pull sleds in the snow. It was brought to the U.S. in the early 20th century…to pull sleds in the snow. Huskies eventually became popular as pets because they’re tireless, and have very little aggression, despite their wolfish looks.

Weight: 35-60 lbs.

Best Qualities: Huskies are loyal, and have limitless amounts of energy — provided you don’t live someplace warm.

Drawbacks: If you do live somewhere hot, don’t get one. Your dog will be much less active than he wants to be. They’re very social so are best in a house with at least one other dog. Being sled dogs, they need to run and are prone to making a break for it. Fence your yard.

What to Do With Them: A Siberian is an excellent hiking and trail running dog, especially for someone who lives in the mountains. “When trained properly, these guys can run for days in cooler temperatures,” says Barrera, “and they’re surprisingly light on their feet.”

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