The Top 10 Adventure Dogs

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Active and adventurous dog breeds can make your everyday adventures Opens a New Window. all the more fun Opens a New Window. fun. Dogs can make you happier Opens a New Window. , healthier, and fitter—seriously, science proves pups can help you live longer Opens a New Window. .

Everything You Need to Go Hiking With Your Dog Opens a New Window.

But you can’t just have any breed tagging along with you on long hikes Opens a New Window. , impromptu lake swims, and road runs. Specific dogs are suited to strenuous activity. They’re typically larger in size, high in energy, and more obedient.

Workouts You Can Do With Your Dog Opens a New Window.

If you want to adopt a mutt or buy a purebred canine that’s up for adventure whenever you are, you can’t go wrong with one of these 10 breeds.

1. Standard Rescue Mutt

Weight: Any size you want.

Best Qualities: The right mutt, trained correctly, can do anything the others on this list can, with less risk of the genetic health problems that often come with purebreds. Also, if you adopt, you’re probably saving a life.

Drawbacks: Mutts come in literally every dog shape and size, from tiny and lithe to huge and lumbering, so adopting a mixed-breed puppy can be a bit of a crapshoot. Knowing the dominant breed is critical information if you want an active dog: You want it to have genes from dogs that like to run and be challenged. But that’s harder than it looks.

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