Here are the 19 Best Glute Exercises and Workouts of All Time (The Definitive Guide)

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14. Band-Resisted Hip Abduction Squats

This is an amazing exercise for helping you squat more effectively. A lot of people cave their knees when squatting which is a big warning sign for potential problems including ACL tears, especially in women.

Because the resistance band is placed just above your knees, it helps to activate your gluteus medius/minimus, which work to prevent your knees from buckling in against the band’s pull. Master this exercise with only your bodyweight before attempting to do it with traditional weighted squats.

How to do it:

Place a small resistance band loop around your legs, just above your knees. Stand chest proud and head facing forward and keep your feet a little wider than shoulder width apart so that you feel the tension in the band.

Brace your abs and lower your bum back and down (as if sitting into a chair) keeping the weight in your heels and sink down into your squat. Keep tension against the band using your glutes so that your knees stay parallel the whole way through.

Return to standing by pushing your heels into the ground to drive yourself up and focus on engaging your glutes as you push up to standing, still with your knees parallel.

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