9 Foods to Increase Breast Size of the Women Naturally!

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Saw Palmetto And Olive Oil

These are the two main ingredients that can cause a major change in your breast size. This mixture of Saw Palmetto and Olive Oil will be effective massaging oil for your breasts. While the olive oil is known for its muscle toning properties, the fatty acids in Saw Palmetto extract help in the nourishment of the breast which leads to breast enhancement. The key is to add four teaspoons of the saw palmetto extract with one teaspoon of olive oil to prepare the mixture.

Aloe Vera And Egg

In order to get fuller and firmer breasts, you can apply a pack of aloe vera and egg to your breasts regularly. You need to crack one egg and beat it properly. The next step is adding two spoons of aloe vera gel in order to make the pack. You need to massage with the mixture for 10 mins and then leave the pack on for 15 minutes. Wash the mixture off and repeat the process after two days.

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