9 Foods to Increase Breast Size of the Women Naturally!

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3. Pueraria Mirifica:

It is a plant which basically belongs from Thailand whose tuber has phytoestrogens which help in increasing the breast size of the women. This plant increases the breast size of the women by 80%.

They are available as medicinal packs in the stores. Take advice from the doctors and have them in your regular diet to increase the breast size of the women.

4. Drink Milk to Increase Breast Size:

Dairy products produce reproductive hormones in the body. The cow’s milk does the same. It has oestrogen, prolactin, and progesterone which make the milk in the mammal and thereby milk is one of the most effective foods that contribute to the increase in the breast size of the women.

Boil one glass of milk and have it daily in the morning and at night to increase the size of your breast.

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