7 Feeding Tips to Keep Your Dog at a Healthy Weight

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Diet determines whether or not your pup packs on extra pounds. Learn what you must do to keep your dog as healthy and happy as possible.

Secrets to Good Health

You love your dog. You exercise her, buy her toys, play with her, brush her, and give her treats. So keep that in mind as we dish this out: Chances are, the way you feed your dog is probably shortening her life.

“Sixty percent of pets who come in to vet practices are overweight,” says Dr. Karen Halligan, chief veterinary officer with the Lucy Pet Foundation and author of the book What Every Pet Owner Should Know.

Obese pets live shorter lives—and vets say that in almost every case, pet owners are to blame for their pet’s unhealthy weight.

“Keeping your pet at an ideal body weight—and looking at what food you feed them—will help them live 15 percent longer,” says Dr. Marty Becker, an Idaho based veterinarian and the author of 22 books on pets.

Read on to find out how to feed your best friend and keep her healthy.

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