6 Foam Roller Moves To Loosen Tight Muscles

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6 Foam Roller Moves To Loosen Tight Muscles

Here are six simple foam rolling moves that cover the majority of common muscle issues. For each move, spend at least 30 seconds rolling slowly and gently and if you find a “knot” in the muscle you are rolling, stop for a few seconds and let the roller apply pressure to that spot. It will be uncomfortable at first, but keep breathing and let the roller do its work. Momentary discomfort will lead to long-term relief! It will also make future workouts better and prevent injury in the long-run.

Back Relief

1) Begin in a slightly reclined position with the foam roller under your mid back, feet hip-width apart.

2) Walk feet slowly forward as the roller glides up your back. Stop and concentrate on any tight areas. (Note: do not foam roll the low back. Try a massage ball on either side of the spine to help relieve tight muscles.)

3) Move forward and back for 30-60 seconds.

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