10 Quick, Nutritionist-Approved Packaged Breakfasts

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According to a survey that polled more than 14,000 people, the majority of Americans believe that breakfast is important (and nutritionists agree), yet only 34 percent of adults actually take the time to eat a morning meal. So where’s the disconnect? While we understand the importance of starting the day with a nutritious meal to fuel our brains and our bodies, the reality of hectic mornings, jam-packed schedules and the mystery of what actually constitutes “healthy” may be overwhelming and confusing. Here nutrition experts sound off on their top picks for quick, healthy packaged breakfasts to add to your shopping list.

1 Chia Pod Oats

Whole-grain oats, sun-ripened chia seeds, real fruit and virgin coconut oil: Sounds like a mix of good-for-you deliciousness. Chia Pod Oats make it easy to enjoy a healthy breakfast while on the go, and it has a short list of ingredients that you can actually pronounce. They’re also packaged in BPA-free containers, so you can “heat and eat” them at home or at work. Available in Apple Spice, Banana & Mango, Mixed Berry and Blueberry & Lemon flavors, these portable oats provide eight grams of protein, one to two grams of omega-3s and eight to nine grams of fiber per serving, which is great because Americans are only meeting about half of their needed fiber every day and are lacking in omega-3s too. Chia Pod Oats can be purchased at major retailers, including GNC, Walmart, Whole Foods and online.

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